Letter from the Chairman

HT Holsters Ltd presents new and innovative holsters for handguns and OC/Pepperspray cans. After years of intense designwork, extensive testing and user defined adjustments we are proud to provide the most advanced holster solutions for military and law enforcement use.

HT Holsters Ltd has rapidly grown to be the leading provider of the finest holster technology available. The company designs, manufactures and markets the most innovative holstering solutions for military and law enforcement use. In addition the private security sector has proven to be very keen to have the Speed-Draw system to provide additional safety for their work.

Innovations do not happen by chance. HT Holsters Ltd has adopted user perspective philosophy from the very beginning and the aim is to provide major improvements for known challenges by exceeding all the expectations. Designwork from the drawing table to computer screen and there forward is closely monitored by our quality team. All the production has also its own after sales quality program where products and parts undergo testing to simulate heavy-duty use in rugged environment. External field testing by independent entities are conducted simultaniously.

Despite of strict quality program, the best feedback comes from our customers, from you. Thank you for sharing your thoughts with us. You can be sure that every feedback with comments for improvement is read by the R&D people with extra interest!

Take care!

With best regards,
Sami Helle
Chairman of the Board
HT Holsters Ltd