Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Why does the Speed-Draw™ holster have an extra safety catch in addition to the automatic locking mechanism?

A: Use of safety catch is not obligatory but recommended. Use of safety catch makes disarming more difficult.

Q: Has Speed-Draw™ holster been tested?

A: Holster's action mechanism operation has been tested over 25 000 times. Action mechanism works perfectly. Holster has also been kept for 24 hours in cold environment (-20 °C) and drop tested on hard surface from height of three meters. Mechanism works perfectly.

Q: I noticed, that you can´t get a grip of the gun, when it is holstered. Isn´t that a major weakness?

A: You can not draw the gun from the holster in a traditional way. Our holster is designed to release and lift the gun upward mecanically when the release button has been pressed down. Gripping the gun before pressing the button would change the position of the thumb that way making the press difficult. A grip of the gun could also effect the ancle of the gun, when it comes up. Keeping your thumb straight and your gunhand open above the holster ensures that the gun always lifts from the holster in the right angle and the draw remains controlled.