OC HOLSTER For Sabre Red

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Straightforward Dominance

  • Speed-Draw System
  • Superior Retention
  • Directed Automatic Locking System (DALS)
  • Safety Cover
  • Protective and Modular Structure
  • Ergonomic Design
  • 360° adjustable holster angle
  • Operationally Proven – User Endorsed


Speed-Draw OC/Pepperspray Holster introduces a user safety defined retention system combined with dominant speed of use. These features are provided by patented Speed-Draw System and were implemented after extensive research and development driven by customer needs. Speed-Draw OC/Pepperspray Holster has succesfully passed both in-house and Special Forces testing with overwhelming feedback.


Speed-Draw OC/Pepperspray Holster provides Directed Automatic Locking System (DALS) which enables the operator to maintain task-oriented position and allows to maintain eyecontact to the target while holstering the Spray.

Pepper spray is attached to the Protective Inner Casing (PIC) and then locked into the holster. Ergonomically designed PIC protects the can from directed external pressure and provides natural grabbing grip for the operator. Safety Cover is introduced to provide effective additional safety against disarming attempts and to protect the can from above.


The can is released by pressing a button located at the front. Inner Casing has a specific design with gripping shape for index finger which facilitates the grip when the spray is drawn. Protective Inner Casing is released upon pressing the release catch. The design of the PIC together with DALS ensures the right positioning of the pepper spray when drawn.


Modular structure allows user to maintain the holster easily and provides longer lifecycle as all the parts can be changed by the operator. Speed-Draw holster is manufactured from hard and durable fibreglass-reinforced polymers.

Download Speed-draw™ Spray Holster brochure in printable PDF format.


  • Sabre Red MK 3.5