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Supreme Retention with Unsurpassed Speed and Protection

  • Speed-Draw System
  • Superior Retention
  • Directed Automatic Locking System (DALS)
  • Innovative and Durable Design
  • Passive Safety Catch (PSC)
  • Modular Structure
  • Operationally Proven – User Endorsed

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Speed-Draw Duty Holster combines superior retention with extremely fast drawing speed. Combination of these elements is introduced by patented mechanism which has passed extensive field testing in extreme weather conditions, live firing/combat field demonstrations and by special forces. Tests have been succesfully conducted by HT Holsters Ltd with several Military Units, Police Special Units and Private Security Companies.


Speed-Draw Duty Holster provides Directed Automatic Locking System (DALS) which enables the operator to maintain task-oriented position and to maintain eyecontact to the target while holstering the pistol.

Pistol is released by pressing a button located near operators body to ensure maximum protection and retention. The pressing is performed with a thumb while hand is positioned for grabbing the pistol grip. Upon pressing the button the locking mechanism is released and the spring powered piston lifts the pistol 50 mm upwards. This mechanism significantly speeds up the draw thus extending the timeframe for the operator to monitor the situation.


Releasing force needed to release the pistol and pistol´s thrust are adjustable by changing the springs. The holster has as a default 8 kg thrust and 5 kg releasing force. Near body location and innovative design of the release button makes disarming extremely difficult.

Additional safety is provided with Passive Safety Catch (PSC) that locks the release button in upper position. The safety catch is located beside the release button. This feature disables disarming attempts and other security threats while the pistol is holstered.


Modular structure allows user to maintain the holster easily and provides longer lifecycle as all the parts can be changed by the operator. Speed-Draw Duty holster is manufactured from hard and durable fibreglass-reinforced polymers. Teflon® coating in fasteners and springs improves corrosion protection.


  • Glock 17
  • Glock 19
  • Glock 22
  • Glock 23
  • Glock 25
  • Glock 31
  • Glock 32