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Untouchable performance

  • Protective Structure with Bridge solution
  • FRS Fast Release Switch
  • Enhanced Grab System


The FRS allows the user to release the baton with one finger and to reholster without losing eye contact to the target. Baton locks automatically upon reholstering. Reflex style release switch provides extremely quick engaging.


Riot Baton Holster has been designed to provide maximum protection for hand and fingers of the operator. The dual structure of the holster allows the user to engage and reholster without delay. It also allows superior grip of the baton while providing state-of-the-art handling features for situation control.

The Riot Baton Holster allows user to adjust belt clamp angle with 360° adjustable system and the same holster can be adopted to both right and left hand use. Dual component holster solution provides durable structure against impacts and any disarming attempts.

Protective bridge allows the user to engage and prevail after attacks and impacts against master hand. Enhanced Grab System allows the user to engage with exceptional speed and provides secured grip while the baton is operated. The Bridge together with Enhanced Grab System prevents any disarming attempts during presentation and operation of the baton.

The Riot Baton Holster supports Advanced Law Enforcement Tactics in the most demanding conditions.