A holster is just a holster.

Its first task is to keep the gear where it is supposed to be. Secondly a gear should be able to be adopted into a situation quickly, with one hand – this is what we call the second task of the holster. Thirdly, once the need for a gear to be exposed ends, the gear should be able to be re-holstered easily and without eyecontact to the holster. Everything else related to holsters is more or less irrelevant.

These cornerstones result safety, flexibility and most importantly control of all situations. They also provide guidelines for us to follow once research and developement process has indicated a need for a holster. By following these stepstones our designers start to throw ideas and together with our management, fellow trainers and professionals across the globe we come out with a concept that moves the industry. The latest newcomer that the whole company can be proud of will be introduced for the first time in IDEX 2011.

HT Holsters has grown to be the global market leader for the most innovative holster solutions available. Today we are represented by forerunners of the military and law enforcement business in every continent. Tomorrow we equip the nations finest with unrivalled systems that exceed all the expectations.

Welcome to the new era of advanced holster technology.