belt attachment system for pistol holsters

  • 360° adjustable
  • Triangle Locking Mechanism (TLM)
  • Narrow belting for concealment carry

HT Holsters provides the Speed-Draw NRW belt attachment system for all of its pistol holster models. The Speed-Draw NRW provides a natural feel of carry and enables to carry the most sophisticated retention holster with a regular belt.

TLM locks the 360° adjustable belt clamp and keeps the holster with desired angle at all situations.


belt attachment system for pistol holsters

  • Triangle Locking Mechanism (TLM)
  • 360° adjustable duty belt angle
  • Extreme survivability in all conditions

The Speed-Draw DUTY is a heavy built but extremely lightweight belt clamp system for duty belt use. It allows the user easily to adjust the angle as desired. TLM locks the rotating plate firmly and supports stability of the holster.

DUTY has gone through extensive field testing in extreme weather conditions. In addition the Speed-Draw DUTY has been a subject to retention testing with advanced disarming attempt tactics.